Talking Myself out of Running (Injured)

A few weeks ago, I met up with a group of people (through the website MeetUp) to participate in some parkour training.

I’ve always been interested in doing this type of stuff.  It seems really fun, and I like the idea of being able to move efficiently over various obstacles.  In fact, I do similar training to this in the woods pretty often, which basically just consists of jumping, sprinting, balancing, and climbing during a hike.  I’d never practiced in an urban environment, though, and when I saw that it was attainable, I figured I’d give it a shot.

It was awesome!  Had a blast, actually wasn’t too bad at it, and left with the feeling that I definitely wanted to do it again.  But the next day, I noticed that I had some pain in the arch of my foot.  I figured it was some muscle-soreness from all the jumping and landing on concrete that had occurred.  It hurt a lot when I walked, so I let it rest a few days before doing any running.  Well, I actually continued to hike in the woods and jump around a bit, convincing myself that it was “active recovery” — I just stopped sprinting.

About a week ago, I started to run again as prep for my new training cycle that was about to start (which was yesterday).  It doesn’t hurt while I run, unless I’m changing directions quickly (stepping laterally). It mostly hurts when I walk, and I’ve been doing some lacrosse ball massaging and some foot strengthening stuff to try and rehab it, and it definitely feels better after I do.

Well, it’s been 2.5 weeks now, and the pain still exists.  I’m pretty sure that it is just muscle soreness (possibly a pulled muscle), and not a stress fracture. I have been running at a VERY low volume, but the intensity of sprints is probably preventing the healing process.  If it was anybody else describing this to me, I would absolutely tell them to stop running.

Injured at the beginning of my ultra training  from an unrelated incident — things are not starting off on the right foot (pun intended).

I suppose I should take my own advice and just rest it.  I’m going to have to continue metabolic training outside of running for a couple of weeks and hope that the adaptations will cross over into my previously planned training schedule, despite the lack of running.


foot (photo cred)

4 responses to “Talking Myself out of Running (Injured)

    • Thanks!

      I’m still strength training and using the rowing machine. Hikes are a no-go unfortunately, since it hurts to walk :P. I’ll get back to running eventually!

  1. good luck – as you saw in my blog I am also battling with a sore foot. It was diagnosed as a stress fracture but I have rested for 12 weeks now and am FRUSTRATED. So I ran – twice. It is not sore when I run or walk, it is when I am sitting down or in bed that it hurts – annoying. I have a multi day stage run in 10 weeks that I need to be fit for.

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